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Wedding Tents

A splendid wedding behooves a superb setting, and nothing offers admittance to a wider array of ultimate sites than a decorated wedding tent. Wedding party tents have evolved in the recent years with more people now going for a canvas setting to celebrate their espousal. An outdoor wedding tent renders one with the flexibility of planning the wedding where, when, and how one desires as it holds the ability to provide extra shelter in exclusive places like, gardens, public parks and historic sites.

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elegant wedding tents, wedding tents india, designer wedding tents, silk wedding tents, frame wedding tentsDesigner wedding tents available these days are a beautiful alternative to the traditional carton style wedding tents. Present day wedding tents offer the best value because they are sturdy, lasting, watertight, wind- defiant, artistic & beautiful, easy to set up, and affordable. Peaked, pole or with clear top, the right kind of wedding tent can alter an unembellished, small or otherwise complicated location into an remarkable event. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on the budget, style and the size of a wedding. Wedding tents are mainly divided into the following sort:

Push pole wedding tent
Push pole wedding tent is the most familiar and least expensive type of traditional wedding tent available. Its ceiling incline delicately downward from a line of tall center poles to a assortment of shorter set of poles.

Frame wedding tent
Frame wedding tents, popularly known as free-standing wedding tents are customarily supported by an aluminum or steel frame, which is self-supporting. Because the tent has no internal poles, the area under the tent is unhampered which gives complete freedom to set up tables, chairs, and dance floor anywhere under the tent.

Tension wedding tent
This type of tent has high center poles, a perpendicularly inclined ceiling, and a more open feeling inside.

Dome shaped wedding tent
A dome shaped wedding tent comes with unique features like its interior can be divided into rooms. These tents have more volume than a flat-sided tent and hence are more spacious. The dome shape of these wedding tents makes them more heat efficient as less fuel is needed to heat it plus the heat circulates more evenly.

A high quality wedding tent not only adorns an aesthetically pleasing appearance but also protects the host and the guests from unexpected bad weather. These tents are fabricated of a super strong, tear-proof, woven rip stop material, which does not spoil or decay. The covering efficiently keep out rain, dampness, wind, cold, and leaves and other ruins.

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One should always consider wedding tent with the following features:

  • Strong structure and leak proof fabric.

  • The tent should be ready for winters (it should not require a fly or liner for winter use).

  • The design should be such that the build up moisture should be driven out and does not condense inside the tent.

  • Wind, fire and water resistance.

  • The doors should be evenly spaced around the dome for good cross ventilation and light.

  • It should be easy to set up without tools.

  • We also supply royal wedding chairs for bride & the groom, royal seating for the guests, designer embroidered & printed chair covers, wedding table linen, bolster cushions, floorings as per customer requirements at a very competitive price.


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