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Indian Tipi

Long before trailers were invented, Americans enjoyed mobile homes. Long before English was spoken in North America, Plains Indians moved from place to place throughout the year, taking their homes with them. They had lightweight, comfortable, collapsible structures that the people called tepees (or teepees or tipis).

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canvas tipi, tipi makers, plain indian tipi, tipi designs, big tipi, tipi for sale, traditional tipi, tipi tentTeepees were tall, cone-shaped, family-sized tents made of animal skins wrapped around poles. When buffalo were abundant, teepees were made of buffalo hide. After the men hunted down the buffalo, the women prepared the hide, scraping it, soaking it for several days so the hair would be easy to remove, washing it, working in a mash made of buffalo brain, then finally sewing hides together. A dozen or more hides would be required for each teepee.

A well-built teepee would have smoke "ears" to vent fires and allow air circulation, and a dew cloth to absorb humidity and prevent drafts. It would be painted on the outside. The door faced east, away from the prevailing wind and toward the morning sun. The teepee was a sacred place as well as a residence; the floor represented the earth, the walls the sky, and the poles the pathways from earth to the world of the spirits. Behind the fireplace there would be a family altar, a simple space of bare earth on which incense was burned.

Teepee is basically a tall tent dwelling used by the Plains Indians, and made by stretching dressed and fitted buffalo skins over a skeleton of 20-30 wooden poles, all slanted in toward a central point and tied together near the top. A flap at the top allowed smoke to escape, and a flap at the bottom served as a doorway.

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Our teepees are produced from the best natural cotton canvas which has been treated to combat the problems of rot. Water resistant and flame retardant, it is the same material we use for our marquee manufacture and has stood the test of hard commercial use for many years. The design of the teepee has been well established over many years and we have taken this basic design and added our own well proven marquee construction methods to increase the life of the teepee and to the ease the erection and striking procedure.

Our design includes:

  • Reinforced ground anchor eyelets.

  • Double eyelet system for beckets.

  • Synthetic hemp ropes.

  • Double stitching on all seams.

  • Each teepee comes with its own bagged set, canvas, pegs and door bags to keep it safe and clean.

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