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Tent Glossary

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A-Frame Tent
A-frame tents have a peaked roof and sloping sides. They are lightweight but are not that roomy as their sloping sides limit interior space.

Base Camp Tent
Base camp tents refers to large and bulky tents and are used where camps are established once for many days at a site. It is not possible to carry these heavy tents everyday.

Bathtub Floor
A bathtub floor is a tent floor that extends a few inches up the sides of the tent body. They don't allow the tent to leak.

Bivy Sack
A bivy sack is a small and lightweight shelter with no poles and are only large enough to hold a sleeping bag.

Bivy Shelter
Bivy shelters are bivy sacks with some sort of covering for the head opening. This tent is accomplished with a small hoop and a sort of rainfly and netting.

If the tent doesn't comes with proper ventilation, the exhales of the inhabitants can accumulate as vapor at the ceiling overnight. This can condense as water droplets on the inside of the tent. Adequate ventilation is a must to reduce this effect to a minimum.

Convertible Tent
Convertible tents are those which provides one with the flexibility of using the same tent as a three-season tent and also as a four-season or winter tents.

Dome Tent
A dome tent is a dome shaped tent with two or more poles looping over the tent in a crisscross fashion.

Double Wall Tent
Double wall tents consists of a tent body covered by a rainfly and are the most common design for backpacking.

Fiberglass Pole
These poles are employed in various lengths and diameters to suit fabrication of each tent.

Fire Retardant
Fire-retardancy refers to the treatment of the tent fabric with fire repellent chemicals to reduce the risk of ignition in case it gets accidentally ignited, giving the habitants of the tent more time to escape safely if a fire accident occurs.

Flysheet refers to the rain-proofed outer fabric of a tent, which is proofed on the inside with a coating. The fly takes the most wear & tear from UV, wind, tree sap and storms, etc.

Free Standing Frame
These are the tents where no additional ropes or stakes are needed for basic shelter set-up.

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Gear Loft
A gear loft is a piece of material or netting that dangles from the ceiling of a tent. A gear loft is a safe place where one can keep wallets, flashlights, watches, or any other small items.

Geodesic Design
In this design, the tension of the inner tent fabric is evenly spread, compressing the pole configuration further and adding to the structural strength. This design is extension of dome design. The poles used in a dome tent cross over at different points, giving this exceptionally strong and stable structure.

Grommets assists the tent in durable, fast set-ups, and easier adjustments when tents change fabric and pole lengths. They are in the form of little round metal sewn-in ring.

Guy Line
A guy line is a cord attached at one end to the tent or rainfly and to a stake at the other. The guy line helps support the tent against wind.

No-See-Um Netting
No-See-Um netting is a fine mesh screening material designed to keep out mosquitos, bugs and smallest of insects.

Rainfly is a water-resistant fabric covering which is usually placed over the outside of a tent to keep out wind, rain, and sand. In most of the tent designs, the rainfly is removable.

Seam Sealant
Seam sealing refers to waterproof coating of the sewn seam areas on tents, backpacks, and other combined outdoor fabrics, to decrease water entry.

Shock Cord
A shock cord is primarily a convenience feature. Tent poles come apart in sections . Shock cord is the thin elastic cord which is threaded through the hollow sections of fiberglass tent poles, holding the sections together, but enabling them to be collapsed and folded for packing.

Snow Valance
A snow valance is an extension to the bottom of the flysheet, reaching down to the ground and extending outwards to keep out draughts or to pile snow for insulation.

Tent Clips
Clips are the means through which tent body is attached to the poles. These clips can allow for slightly quicker set up.

A vestibule is a tent feature that provides a covered area for entering or exiting the tent and can also be used for gear storage.

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