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Incorporated in 1982, Capital Dyeing & Tent Works is one of the most reputed manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of high quality tents such as family tents, camping tents, pop up tents, canvas tents, wedding tents, party tents, military tents, swiss cottage tents, canopies, marquees, kids tents, patio umbrellas, Indian tipi or teepee for every need and occasion. A wide range of usability of our tents depends on client requirements. Our decorative tents are made of cotton canvas or both side laminated PVC coated fabrics and are most suited for camping, resorts, safari, fairs & exhibitions, displays, disaster relief, armed services, wedding ceremonies and alike.

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Tents are an important part of any outdoor event. The first thing you want to avoid is your outdoor event spoiled by nasty weather. Festival tents are for large scale events while party tents are for smaller scale affairs. Canvas tents can be the perfect way to shade your guests from the sun, or keep the wind out, or any other weather elements. Your garden, your poolside, your party or wedding - the richness and elegance of decorative Indian tents transports you to another time and place. Capital Tents can help you ensure the success of your events and render them memorable.

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