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Family Tents

Family tents or the family camping tents are roomy, large tents for four or more people. These tents are like small homes and may have several rooms (separated by dividers), awnings, large windows and doors, reasonably high peaks, and a weather-shedding design. If one needs a tent that sleeps the whole family and affords some privacy and one does not mind the fact that part of the tent does not allow one to stand upright, then family tent is the perfect option.

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family cabin tents, large family cabin tents, family cabin dome tents, family dome tents, family tents indiaStorage space is one of the strong features in family tents. Their slanted walls create nooks and crannies at the outer edges that can't be used for sleeping, but are great for storage. They are simple to pitch and extremely comfortable, with handy storage features included. In most of the family tents, inners are designed to accommodate the appropriate number of airbeds and the tents pack away easily in separate bags offering a more practical solution for transportation.

Family tents are for those of you who need a tent that will sleep a whole family, or other group of four or more people. Family camping tents fall into two main categories - family cabin tents and family dome tents. These days, more people are choosing family dome tents but there are pros and cons to both depending on individual needs and preferences.

Family cabin tents have nearly vertical walls and a high ceiling, and family dome tents have a profile better suited to shedding water and wind. Dome tents have heavy-duty taffeta walls and cabin tents are great for mild weather conditions, but are less versatile. Camper, who enjoys a few more creature comforts, will most likely want to opt for a cabin style family tent over the dome style tent. However, one should not consider a tent without mesh windows and storm flaps and should consider the relative differences in setup time.

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Who Shouldn't Buy Family Camping Tents?

If one needs a tent for one or two people, one shouldn't opt for these family tents as bigger is only better if one needs it. A bigger family tent is more limited as to where one can set it up. Because of its larger footprint, it takes longer to set up and break down and it takes longer to dry.

Following factors need to be considered before purchasing family camping tents:

  • How many people does it need to sleep?

  • How many rooms are required?

  • Is it for occasional use, or does it need to stand up to regular wear and tear?

  • How well does the tent need to stand up to wind and weather?

  • Are room dividers required for privacy?

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