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Tent Care Tips

Nature is not only all around us, we are an inherent part of it. It affects us in the same way as it does the non-living objects like wood & cotton. Tents too need care and understanding for a better life. Therefore, to amplify the life of a tent, the understated suggestions are recommended:

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    While Packing Back The Tent

  • One should never roll-up or pack away a wet tent as this will result in fungus and will destroy the tent.

  • Always pack the tent loosely, and if possible, leave the poles completely or partly assembled.

  • Always store the tent in a cold, dry environment, as high temperatures tend to damage fabric coatings.

  • Never use insecticide, hair spray, etc., inside or near to the tent, as this may harm the tent fabric and cause leakage.

  • While packing the tent to fit it in the stuff sack, don't fold the fabrics at the same place every time as over the period of time, an established fold line creates a pleat that can crack the waterproof coating.

  • Make sure that both the tent material and seams are dry before the tent is stored away and avoid rolling up the poles and pegs with the tent. They should be kept separate.

  • Make sure that the seams of the tent are dry when packed cause packing the tent away with wet or even slightly damp seams will cause fungus, which can damage the thread in the tent seams.

  • If the poles were exposed to salt air, wash them properly in fresh water and air-dry to prevent corrosion.

  • Never pack or store a dirty tent as fungus can form and ruin the waterproof coating on your tent. Fungus will cause your tent to smell and can eventually delaminate and damage the polyurethane coating. This will cause the tent to leak.

  • After getting back from camping, one should unpack the tent and check it for dryness, especially where the fabric overlaps.
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    Cleaning The Tent

  • One should not wash the tent with hard detergents in a washing machine as this may damage the seams or the coating. The best way to clean up the tent is to set it up and wipe it down with a sponge and mild detergent or hand-wash it in cold water.

  • When cleaning the entire tent, wash it with cold water. Never use hot water, bleach, dishwashing liquid, presoaking solutions, or spot removers. Leave stubborn stains in place, and dust them with cornstarch or talcum powder to avoid its transfer to other parts of the tent in storage.

  • Dry your tent by pitching it in the shade or by line drying only, machine drying is not recommended.

    Protection from elements like UV rays

  • UV rays have the most adverse affect on lightweight and synthetic tent fabric. It can also cause the fabric to fade, lose strength, and eventually disintegrate. Hence, it should be taken care of that the tent should be pitched in shade and should not be left pitched in the sun when not in use.

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    Miscellaneous Tent Care Tips

  • To protect tent poles and to keep the segments sliding easily, apply a light coat of lubricant on regular intervals.

  • Also lubricate the zippers to keep them moving smoothly and to prevent them from freezing.

  • Never store food in the tent, as there is a chance of animals tearing their way into the tent in order to get the food.

  • It is highly recommended to clean up the tent after each trip, one should set the tent up and check for excess dirt and debris.

  • When the tent is new, it can be treated with a dab of seam sealer to make untapped seams fully waterproof. The seam sealer may be reapplied occasionally or if the tent leaks.

  • Sweep out all refuse, and remove dirt with a damp cloth. After that, allow the tent to dry completely before it is packed and stored.

  • When the tent is wet, avoid pushing, pressing or contacting the tent material in any way.

  • One should not use candles, matches, or open flames of any kind in or near a tent.

  • Practice extreme caution when using fuel-powered lanterns or heaters inside the tent. One should use battery operated equipment whenever possible.

  • When the tent is collapsed open up its doors and windows to allow air to escape.

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