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Kids Tents

Why limit the excitement of sleeping in a tent to the outdoors? Kids tents or children's tents are smaller and easy to set up in a bedroom for year-round fun. Plus, they're simple to move without taking down when little campers want a new site. No matter whether your home is big or small, located in a town or in the countryside, there is a kids tent to suit each and every child.

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kids camping tents, kids camping tents suppliers, beach tents for kids, full size kids bed tents, kids teepee tents, kids tents setKids tents are tents which can commonly be spotted in the rooms of children and perform dual function of being used as a sleeping place and play ground. Our kids tents are suitable for boys and girls aged three years to eight, although they probably have more appeal for the younger end of the age bracket. These tents are basically meant for kids who have the habit of throughing tantrums before going off to sleep. A kids bed tent help making bedtime real fun for those kids who like going to bed. Even for adults, these kids tents can make bedtime novel transferring the fun of tent sleeping from the outdoors into the bedroom.

Kids bed tents are usually made from nylon and mesh and are able to fit almost every sort of mattresses available. When selecting a kids tent, make sure they are flame retardant and well ventilated so that they are safe to sleep or play in. Moreover, they should be easy to erect and can comfortably be taken down.

We believe that children should be encouraged from the very start of life, to explore their own imaginations through creative playtime. Our kids play tents make such a wonderful starting block for a variety of ages to stimulate imagination. We have brought back some of the qualities of the old fashioned, traditional toy, where excellence of design, quality of workmanship and attention to detail are the key ingredients.

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The designs of children's bed tents can also be customized according to one's choice. Certain features of a quality kids tent are:

  • The structure should be treated for rust and casual wear and tear.
  • The fabric should be waterproof, fire-resistant and UV-resistant in order to ensure maximum protection even if it is erected outdoors.
  • The tent must have good ventilation, without which one stands the chance of getting condensed on a cool night.
  • Look for kids bed tent with adequate headroom over a reasonable area. Some tents have very poor headroom at the ends, which could be a real pain.

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