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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you do custom work?
Yes! A large percentage of our orders are customized due to wide range of printing & decorating options. Please send us a sketch of what you have in mind with the measurements and the type of tent you want. We'll get back to you with a right quote.

How soon will my tent and accessories ship?
It's difficult because there are so many combinations of tents with decorating options in different types of printing work. At many times of the year, it is quicker but sometimes can be longer. Spring and summer are our busiest times of the year. We do have quite a few products in our stock too. Always call if you need a rush order and we will try our best. If possible, order in the autumn or winter to beat the rush. Please remember! we are not a factory but craftsmen, dedicated to our trade, and enjoying our work.

Can I have colored top?
In short, yes! But we prefer to use natural white canvas for several reasons. Firstly, colors rub off and can mark valance, drapes, tassels etc. Secondly, the colors are not readily available with a fire-retardant finish, so we have to order them specially. Finally, the white canvas makes for a brighter, lighter and cooler tent in summer. We can also print designs on the canvas. Inner lining is available in many colors which is free from bleeding.

How long will my tent last?
That all depends on the care and use of your tent. We cannot give a guarantee on the life of the canvas because it is a natural material and is affected by the local conditions and your care of the tent. With good care, a frequently used canvas tent should give you 7 or more years of service. Badly care for your tent and it wont last a year! We strive for excellence but are only human!

What type of canvas is used on Capital Tents?
All our tents are made from the finest material, with the outer 15 oz marquee canvas being treated to ensure that is waterproof, rot proof and also fire-retardant. The decorative inner linings are made of finest cotton and can be hand block printed by our skilled and experienced staff in a range of designs and colors or made to your specific needs.

Retardant fabric V/s fire proof fabric?
We should all understand what is meant by the terms "fireproofing" and "fire-retarding". Cement, steel, bricks and even stone will distort, glassily, or decapitated, when the temperatures are high enough. The object of flame resisting is to reduce the possibility of an incipient fire or flame from spreading and becoming a conflagration. Flame retardant material dramatically slows this burning process. Normally when the ignition source is removed, the fabric will self-extinguish.

There is no such thing as fireproofing; everything will burn at a high enough temperature. This is quite true, technically speaking. All products on the market today which are intended to retard flame in fabrics, carpets, wood, etc., are intended to set up a thermal barrier to reduce the flame spread, to reduce the after burn and essentially allow some additional time for humans to escape from burning tents or buildings.

wholesale backpacking tents, best backpacking tents, backpacking tents supplier, cheap backpacking tentsAre your hand blocks printing on inner lining color fast?
Of course! All the colors are fast and never bleed. Even you can iron onto them.

Do the tents come in other sizes than those listed?
We can make any tent to any size within certain structural limitations.

Do you rent as well as sell tents?
We primarily sell tents. Your local tent and party rental company may already stock our tents or they can procure one from us to rent to you.

Can I visit your workshop?
Visitors are always welcome at the workshop. We have a display area where we can erect the tents for your kind examination.

Is there anywhere else I can see your tents?
From time to time, we do attend trade shows and events to display our tents, contact us for a current list.

Can I ship my order to a different location than my billing address?
No problem. Just specify while ordering where you want the shipping and what the billing address should to be.

How do I clean my Capital Tent?
Dirt will break down your tent over time. The cleaner you keep your tent, the longer it will last. Mildew grows on dirt, so it is important to clean it before putting it away. To clean our canvas, we recommend mild hand dishwashing liquid in lukewarm water. Lay the tent down and scrub with a rag or a soft brush. The harder you scrub, the more you risk scrubbing off the waterproofing. Do not use bleach or any other chemicals. Any soap left on the canvas could cause the tent to leak. Dry it completely before you put it away.

Do you supply the printed fabric in yardage?
Yes, give us a call or send an e-mail.

Are your tents guaranteed?
Of course. We guarantee our products to be free from manufacturing defects. We will gladly replace any product found to be defective upon delivery and/or under normal use. Given the hand-crafted nature of the product, minor variations in design and manufacture are to be expected. While made to be sturdy and long-lasting, normal wear and tear is inevitable if used out of doors for extended periods of time.

What does the price of a tent include?
Prices are complete with pegs, poles, pole sleeves, finials, drapes, hammer, all other erecting hardware and storage canvas bag. Contact us for a canvas only price.

What if I decide my tent is not right for me?
We make every tent to order, and so spend quite a bit of time with you when you order to ensure you are getting the right tent for your requirements. We cannot usually take back a tent once construction has begun. If you are in any doubt, please check with us again before ordering, and if you are still in doubt, please don't order!


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